In-cockpit Apps for Pilots

BBFlight offers applications for pilots on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and the Android platform:

    1. Flight Instruments, presents a 'glass cockpit' display of attitude and primary flight instruments, using gyro and GPS sensors

    2. AviNavi is a full navigation app, with VFR and IFR charts, weather overlays, flight planning and more

    3. Approach Charts, all FAA Instrument approach charts and Airport Information on your phone or tablet

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Gyro attitude indicator and your key flight instruments on a 'glass cockpit' display

Full aviation navigation, with VFR and IFR charts with weather overlays, full flight planning and Instrument Approach charts for all US airports.

FAA Instrument Approach charts, Airport Diagrams and Airport Information

Click one of the screen shots above for more information on these apps.