Gyro attitude, terrain and obstacles on a moving map

Terrain and obstacle warnings overlaid on your gyro attitude indicator and "glass panel" flight instrument display. Moving map features color-coding to indicate which airports can be reached in case of an engine-out emergency.
Key features:
  • All functionality of Flight Instruments (gyro attitude*, altitude, speed, heading, vertical speed, rate-of-turn, slip indicator and nearby airports on a glass cockpit display)
  • Pop-up map on primary display shows terrain or obstacles nearby
  • Full-screen map shows elevation, terrain warnings, obstacles and airports
  • Full zoom, pan, track up/North functionality
  • Select airports for information and direct-to navigation, shown on map and primary display
  • Multi-leg flight planning using Airports, VORs and NDBs
  • Nearby airport list shows airport information including communication frequency and longest available runway
Requires device with GPS. 
*If no gyro sensors are available, attitude is derived from GPS.

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Primary display showing flight instruments, and pop-up warning with terrain caution and warning areas.  Moving map shows plane navigating to airport.  Green airports are likely within no-wind gliding range.  Small dots are private use airports.

Android version map display