Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this work on my iPod/iPad/iPhone3G/Android?
  2. The horizon drifts away when I fly level.  What should I do?
  3. Can I use an external GPS with my iPad or iPod touch?

Will this work on my iPod/iPad/iPhone3G/Android?

Approach charts works on all phones and tablets, but offers a better experience on tablets.
Flight Instruments and InFlight will work on the following devices, with a few limitations:
 Device Flight Instruments InFlight Limitations
 iPhone 4, 4S, 5 Yes Yes Full functionality, gyro or GPS attitude indication
 iPod Touch 4th generation Yes No Gyro attitude, but no GPS, therefore no 'tapes' for speed, altitude, course and vertical speed, and no position relative to nearest airport.
 iPod Touch older than 4th generation No No Will not work (cannot be installed)
 iPhone 3GS Yes Yes No gyro sensors, therefore only GPS-derived attitude available. Otherwise functions the same
 Older generation iPhone No No Will not work
 iPad Yes YesIf your iPad has no built-in GPS, you need to connect an external GPS, eg Bad Elf
 Android V2.1 and above
 Yes Yes If your device does not have gyro sensor, then attitude will be derived from GPS.  Note a gyro sensor is NOT the same as an accelerometer sensor, so please check your phone's specs before purchasing

The horizon drifts away when I fly level. What should I do?

This is typically caused by one of the following:
  • Although you are flying level, the device has not been set to level at this attitude.  This often happens when you have set the device to level on the ground, but that attitude may not be the level attitude in cruise.  It may happen again if you slow down, and the 'level' attitude becomes more nose-up. 
  • The auto-level filters are designed to respond very slowly (over several minutes) so as to not correct during a prolonged turn and bank.  Fly straight and level for a while, and the attitude indicator will eventually right itself.

Can I use an external GPS with my iPad or iPod touch?

Yes you can!  Two devices that add external GPS capability to the iPad are Bad Elf GPS and GNS's 5870 MFI Bluetooth GPS Made for iPhone/iPad/iTouch. Use of an external GPS is in fact recommended, as they provide better reception than the built-in GPS, and allow use of the app in Airplane mode.