Redundancy gives peace of mind

With the introduction of a gyroscope in the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and new Android devices, you can now use your device as an attitude indicator, offering an extra source of information in case something breaks.  On the iPhone3GS, iPad 1 and older Android devices, attitude is derived from GPS, as these devices do not have gyro sensors. 

Continuous adaptive auto-calibration

Engine vibration is a big challenge for hand-held gyro-based systems, so we have developed an innovative algorithm to calibrate the gyro sensors in flight, and continuously adapt in changes in the environment.  The result is much better attitude indication and stability during turns.
To ensure this function operates correctly, fly straight and level, tap the center of the Attitude Indicator to set it level, and let it adjust for a few minutes.  During normal cruise you should see an 'L' blinking in the upper left corner, to indicate that the airplane is level.

GPS speed, altitude and course

The Speed, Altitude and Course readouts are derived from the GPS, and are therefore not calibrated to your Airspeed indicator and Altimeter.  However, Flight Instruments offers an innovative feature to calibrate the on-screen altimeter to your real Altimeter, much like you adjust your altimeter setting based on barometric pressure.  Simply drag the altitude tape until its readout matches your real altimeter, and the two will stay in sync.  This is best done at altitude, as the calibration gets very sensitive near sea level.  Altitude calibration is not available on the Android version

Position relative to nearby airport

A built-in database of global airports and communication frequencies makes it easy to tell Air Traffic Control where you are, and to switch to the field's Tower or Common Traffic Advisory Frequency.  The database is global, and contains 23,000 airports and frequencies for about half of them.

Automatic Flight Timer, Slip Indicator and GPS-derived attitude

An automatic flight timer starts when the speed exceeds 30kt, and stops when it drops below, thus accurately measuring your time in flight.  The timer is accessible at all times on the Settings tab.
A slip indicator shows uncoordinated turns, using the conventional 'hanging rectangle' indication at the base of the static, upward-facing triangle.
On devices with gyro sensors, there is an option to use GPS-derived attitude instead of using the sensors.  GPS-derived attitude is calculated based on ground speed, rate of turn, vertical speed and the assumption of a coordinated turn.  While this is less accurate than gyro-derived attitude (and refreshes only once every second), it provides for a good backup.

Configure the information shown on your display in the Settings tab

Android screen shots below