Flight Instruments

Gyro Attitude Indicator on your phone

Your key flight instruments on your iPhone or Android, including real attitude indication using the gyros in the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and newer Android devices

Key features:
  • Attitude Indicator using solid state gyro sensors, with extreme attitude chevrons to guide you back to a safety
  • Airspeed, Heading, Altitude, Vertical Speed and Rate of Turn indicators
  • "Glass cockpit" Primary Flight Display using digital tapes
  • Position relative to nearest airport
  • Automatic flight timer
  • Fully configurable display, including landscape mode and choice of aviation or metric units
Works with iPhone 3GS and iPad 3G (with attitude derived from GPS), as well as with Android devices without gyro sensors.

If you'd also like terrain/obstacle warnings and a moving map, have a look at InFlightInFlight has all the functionality of Flight Instruments, and much more.

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Full functionality only available on iPhone4.  On iPhone3GS, iPad 3G and certain Android devices, attitude is derived from GPS (no gyro sensors).  On iPod Touch, only attitude and rate of turn information is available (no GPS).


"Glass Cockpit" display shows Attitude, Speed, Altitude, Heading, Vertical Speed and Rate of Turn, as well as position relative to nearest Airport and that airports communication frequency.
In extreme attitudes, red chevrons guide you to safety.

Android screen shot