In-cockpit Apps for Pilots

BBFlight offers applications for pilots on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and the Android platform:
  1. Flight Instruments, presents a 'glass cockpit' display of attitude and primary flight instruments, using gyro and GPS sensors
  2. InFlight, has the same 'glass cockpit' display, and adds a moving map with airports, terrain (elevation) and obstacles (with pop-up warning on the Primary Flight Display), a list of nearby airports and flight planning and navigation (Airports, VORs, NDBs)
  3. Approach Charts, all FAA Instrument approach charts on your phone or tablet - no subscription!
Click one of the screen shots below for more information.

Flight Instruments

Gyro attitude indicator and your key flight instruments on a 'glass cockpit' display

Android app on Google Play


Approach Charts

FAA Instrument Approach charts, Airport Diagrams and more without subscription